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C-IP developed and patented a unique method to process different borates in an aqueous suspension.Boron suspensions offer numerous advantages, such as the exclusion of airborne particles to meet new guidelines and restrictions for some borates.

The initial properties of the borates are fully retained in an aqueous suspension.
No addition of chemicals and or other products that would affect the manufacturing process.


No formation of dust, lumps, and clogging.


Furthermore, these suspensions have been developed in such a way that high concentrations of borates can be dosed. The high thixotropic nature of our aqueous boron suspensions allows easy pumping and dosing of high % solid values.

Borax 50% Suspension


Borate Aqueous Suspensions are shear thinning fluids (pseudoplastic).

The apparent high viscosity decreases with increased stress.

Example: Aquabor 50% solids Borax Decahydrate Granular in Aqueous Suspension

Brookfield Rheometer RV

at   10 RPM speed = 11.000 mPa.s

at 100 RPM speed =   3.000 mPa.s

Even with a high percentage of solids, due to the high pseudoplastic nature of the suspension, the borax still remains very easy to dispense from an ordinary bottle.

(as you can see in the demo video, pouring 50% borax suspension from a bottle)

Furthermore, the Borax remains stable in suspension over a very long period of time and will not sag.



Appearance Milky White

Total Solids (%) 49

Viscosity, Brookfield (ps) Spindle 5, 20 rpm at 20°C   70

pH 8,8

Specific Gravity 1.30

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